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We make blockchain simple

Like flicking a switch. Industrial Blockchain is our proprietary Blockchain-As-A-Service software which seamlessly integrates with enterprise systems and applications in minutes creating a verifiable transactional dataset that:

  • Reduces Risk
  • Increases operational efficiencies
  • Facilitates audits and compliance
  • Certifies proof-of-process
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We specialise in the delivery of Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) based on product-market-fit, enabling our clients launch their concepts in the fewest steps possible.



We help enterprises being their blockchain journey by evaluating their use case and contextualising the value proposition for their organisation. In particular we consider how blockchain fits into their broader strategic innovation agendas.


We have over 30 years’ experience in developing software solutions for the world’s best known brands. Our rich codebase coupled with our proprietary blockchain technology enables us to deliver enterprise-grade and robust blockchain solutions whilst build lasting client relationships.


Creating a world-class customer experience means everything to us. We deliver high fidelity designs while ensuring a seamless user experience. Applications can be modified to your shop style or we can create fresh product designs from the ground up.


Simply purchase a Blockchain-as-a-Service license and your enterprise applications will write transactional datasets of your choice to the blockchain within minutes. We work with you to optimise a node distribution architecture that aligns with your security and compliance policies.


As entrepreneurs we understand what investors are looking for before they write cheques. We help your team develop clear strategies to prepare your business for the capital raising process and assist you with the necessary artefacts required to stand-out from your competitors.


Drive users to your platform through the development of a comprehensive marketing strategy. Our experienced marketing consultancy can support you from planning your digital launch to creating an entire new branding that ensures your product hits the market with a bang.


Matter measures waste and carbon outputs combining ultrasonic sensors with other emerging technologies including smart bins, IoT, blockchain and Big Data to create a true waste ecosystem that brings efficiencies to all aspects of the waste chain and empowers people to collectively respond to sustainability goals.

As the trusted technology partner of Matter, BlockBoxx has developed their mobile consumer app and their enterprise carbon tracking platform. Matter also uses Industrial Blockchain to transparently record the carbon emissions produced by domestic, commercial and community waste.


Image Chain uses Blockchain technology to solve the exponentially growing problem of storing medical imaging data in a secure, accessible and useful way. The platform empowers patients by giving them full control of their imaging data in one central place. Patients can then grant permission for a set period of time to healthcare agents like clinicians and hospitals to view their imaging when required.

BlockBoxx designed and built an MVP that enabled patients to opt into selling their imaging data anonymously to interested parties like research institutions and pharmaceutical companies, bringing transparency to the grey market of medical image trading.


EZYiD is an industrial strength, power packed, micro-chipped tag that exponentially reduces audit and tracking times for small and large assets using a unique global equipment platform that simplifies and enhances how companies around the world manage their safety obligations and the wellbeing of their workers.

BlockBoxx developed an RFID-enabled supply chain tracking platform for EZYiD that integrates with Industrial Blockchain to immutably store critical compliance documentation for their clients’ health and safety equipment.


Secure Health Chain has leveraged several emerging technologies, particularly blockchain, to deliver a solution that manages digital health records safely and securely, while having the ability to capitalise on further medtech innovations like telemedicine, AI, VR, and robotics.

BlockBoxx developed an MVP mobile app and web-based back office system enabling SHC to produce a fraud-resistant, doctor-approved medical record that can be used to certify anything from skin cancer tests to drug supply.

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What our Clients say

Industrial Blockchain enabled Fortix to leverage blockchain technology to underscore our reputation as one of the most innovative CRM solutions on the market. Our customers can now benefit from the additional security, data control and reduced risk that blockchain technology offers.

We integrated Industrial Blockchain into our CRM seamlessly based on the SDK provided and without the need to hire a blockchain developer. The trial integration took less than an hour! We would recommend this product to any company looking for a simple, frictionless and fast enterprise blockchain solution.


A big congratulations to Martin, Steve and the BlockBoxx team for a job well done to date!
As we now work through the testing of our EZYiD asset management platform based on the Industrial Blockchain built by the Blockboxx team, I have time to reflect on the professional, transparent and organised way they have engaged with our organisation. I am happy to say that the BlockBoxx team are now, very much a part of the family at EZYiD and look forward to the celebrations we shall share together on our imminent commercial launch day!



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